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The Team

Our team of excellent graduate research students and postdocs is international and diverse. Students comes from different backgrounds, including Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Chemistry and Biotechnology Engineering.

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Oded Nir

Lab Director

On Arnon.jpg

On Arnon

Lab Engineer


Mohit Chaudhary, PhD

Postdoc Researcher


Ru Liu, MSc

PhD student


Lior Monat, MSc

PhD student

Musie Welldegerima, MSc

PhD student

Yonatan Geller, MSc

Yonatan Geller.png

PhD student

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

  • Ph.D.

1. Chidiebere S. Nnebuo, 2023

2. Yaeli Oren, 2023 (co-advised by Prof. Viatcheslav Freger)

  • M.Sc.

1. Pratham Singh, 2023

2. Dekel Dahuki, 2023

3. Hala Abu Ali, 2021 (co-advised by Prof. Ali Nujeidat)

4. Omer Izraeli, 2021

5. Eyal Wormser, 2020 (co-advised by Prof. Eran Edri)

6. Amit Weinman, 2020

7. Denise Hambsch, 2019, BGU & RWTH-Aachen 
(co-advised by Prof. Matthias Wessling)

8. Florian Kaven, 2018, BGU & RWTH-Aachen 
(co-advised by Prof. Matthias Wessling)


Mangut Sunday Jikmyan, BSc

MSc student

Postdoctoral researchers

1. Dr. Alice Jarošíková (2021-2023)

2. Dr. Sanhita Chaudhury (2018-2020)

Non-Teaching Staff

1. Tami Matus, Administrator

Join Us 

-We always seek excellent and motivated MSc and PhD students with a background in Chemical / Environmental / Water Engineering or a similar discipline. If you are interested in joining us, contact Prof. Oded Nir via Attach your CV and track record of all previous degrees. Full fellowship support and subsidized housing will be given to accepted candidates.

-We are always looking for excellent postdocs. Interested applicants can send their CVs and track records to Prof. Oded Nir ( Please check your eligibility for applying to the following funding opportunities: BCSC, Kreitman, Zuckerman (North America-based applicants), PBC (China or India based applicants).


Team Photo Gallery

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